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Here you will find all of our photography just click at the pictures to get into the galleries.


Zusammen leben e.V.

spring opening in the zusammen garten

Permakultur Dreisamtal e.V.

Permakultur Dreisamtal

Permakultur Dreisamtal-english

Gartencoop Freiburg

Garten Coop

Garten Coop-english

Carla Cargo

Carla Cargo

Carla Cargo-english

Bialowieza Protection Camp

Obelisk Farm

Guerilla Gardening

Nature, Culture

Guerilla Gardening in Tbilisi

In protest against Tbilisi’s new building projects, Guerilla Gardening has become a politically active movement within the city…

German                       English

Little Prince Academy

Ecotourism Bahar Baçe


Funkenwerkstatt trifft Zusammen leben e.V.