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Funkenwerkstatt Magazine gives you a look at green projects, their achievements and the inspiring faces of the founders behind those. In easy words it explains and displays what the term ‘sustainability’ actually means and tries to complete the puzzle of a sustainable living as it already exists around the globe.

Divided in the three themes: Humans, Culture and Nature, it is the documentation of our journey in order to bring you closer to the sustainable collaborations that are out there and deserve our attention. It is made to learn, share and develop.



Funkenwerkstatt is an online magazine to inspire people. It gives a creative view behind sustainable projects all around the world. The magazine highlights projects within the three topics Humans, Culture and Nature. Humans illustrates social engagements,  Culture places focus on the art of creation. Finally, Nature drafts initiatives about and for the environment. Supporting small-scale grassroots movements,  Funkenwerkstatt aims at putting those in the spotlight who have begun to live sustainable lifestyles in a changing world.

This is the speedometer of our firetruck “Grisu” which starts in Freiburg at 0 km. On our journey from project to project the kilometers added to the speedometer. With every project the distance from Freiburg to that Project is shown.



The concept of Funkenwerkstatt Magazine is a mixture of comic elements with fotography and informative interviews and comments.

Our mission

Funkenwerkstatt [fʊŋkn̩ vɛʁkʃtat] is a composition of the German terms Funken (sparks) and Werkstatt (workshop) and depicts the objective of sharing inspirational thoughts and practises for a more sustainable living. 

The mission of Funkenwerkstatt is to unveil actions and lifestyles for a better environment and community among people. By looking over the founders’ shoulders and assisting them in their contributions, we want to get insights in the sustainable projects that affect people and nature. In interviews and through documentation of their work, we seek a dialog with the practitioner who foster the exchange of ideas and visions. The magazine collects these sparks of sustainable ideas and makes them available for like-minded and others.

Our office

Grisu is 45 years old a Mercedes firetruck and our workshop for the magazine. Its our home, workshop and working space while travelling to sustainable projects. Having our own tools on board we hope we can help out at projects we are visiting.


Have a look insight of Grisu, we illustrated some things we got with us on our journey for example a overview of the electrics and our small kitchen. If you are interessted in how we did the converting check out our instagram.


It took us just three weeks for the whole converting of Grisu. We almost recycled everything we could found on the streets or what was left from the old firestruck stuff which was insight. We got out almost 200 kg of Steel and 200 kg of woods.


Hey you!

If you like our concept of Funkenwerkstatt and you want to join and help us with what we are doing here, please feel free to contribute! We want to share sustainable ideas and concepts all around the world. As a small group of people, we cannot visit all projects out there. Therefore we are looking for people who share our vision and do want to travel to sustainable projects. If you are on your way to or you are already at an interesting project which could fit to our magazine, please send us a mail at, with a small description and a contact to the project you are at. Afterwards our team, will have a short view at it. If it does fit to us, we will send you an questionnaire with additional questions you can ask and a style sheet that you are ready to do interviews, Fotos and to write the article by yourself. When you are done with it, just send us your work and we will put it together to a new article for our magazine.

Much love!

–  Funkenwerkstatt 


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